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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Friday, June 17, 2005

Special family!!

nothing much doing this week..just wondering in house since coming backfrom seremban on last monday..

LAST MONDAY...13 JUNE 2004....going back to Mantin..a small place km from Seremban..well to "celebrate"(any other correct verb?) my "aunty grandmother"(err..dunno how to say in English..mymother's father's brother's wife..hahah) death annivesary..its almost been my mom routine every year to attend the "function"and also almost been my mine routine too..actually nothing much to do there..just like a family get-together..and sit down having dinner together...but is really "meriah" there..with the aunty uncleschit chating...the boys and gurls running here and there..creatingenuff noises...and I m the only 20 something boy there!!Some would a 20 sumthing young guy can mix around..young onesae too young..old ones are too doesnt aunties uncles had know me since i was very small..and litle boyslittle gurls..had always want me to play with them..well though..not at the same frequency..but doesnt really matter..

What I really make me admire them is that they can sit together and had a fun time together among family member....well,,instead a very unique one...far from the normal one we had in big city..though nothingspecial bout the death annivesary..thay make this date for a matter they are busy or watever..some is running their own shops..but than on this particular day,,they just close the shop just to attendthis get aunties uncles may not be very well educated..but than..that special bonds between them really making me fascinating..thats why I also never miss this outing every year(I did miss..last year.I in UMS)
this kind of family my opinion..hardly can b found in big city..well..big city people mainly materialistic and more realistic..but than..they cant mantain this "special kind" of relationship between relatives and siblings..big city people may be well educated..but still..they cant really develop the special bond between family members and relatives..not like those I see in my aunties and uncles..Their sibling relations..are indeed a very special one I see so far,,

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