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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Saturday, June 04, 2005

My Penang Heaven

just a quick round-up on todays life at penang island...well...actually in penang for my holiday..well..a holiday b4 i m going back to sabah to continue my 2nd year..
morning..nothing much to do...just ate some nice peang chou kuay teow,,well really nice..taste different from KL one's..
than back to house...just sit at house..spending some time constructing this blog...cloudy day at penang island..
than went to botanical garden.or in malay..kebun bunga..there is a flower fest there..well..lots of beautful..strange,,and some never seen b4 flowers..various types of flowers..and of course..beautiful flowers must have beautiful gurls by the side..hahahah..while enjoying flowers..can enjoy leng lui too..aa pretty gurls wanna take pic with beautiful flowers..tha the pic taken must be perfect..hahahah..
this may not my first trip to penang,,,but my first trip to botanical garden...well..
the surrounding is nice..but just bcos of flower fest..too much ppl..anf to my suprise..quite a lot of monkeys too..this remind me of the VISA card advertisement..hahah...
botanical garden..a nice place with trees and fowers around..since raining..we cant go more further..just wondering around acompanying by the music played by the penang symphone band..well..with flowers..greenery environment,,with drops of rain...and the romantic music from the really creating a romantic moments...only too much ppl spoil the mood..
since flower fest.there are lots to c ...and i found Qi Li Xiang...the name of Jay Chou song...well Qi Li Xiang is actually a flower bonzai...and it cost a boom..RM1800...hahahah...
after tiring wondering round the flower fest.,,time for some nice penag food..of course...dinner time..
well i dunno the place i ate...but all i know..i ate wan tan mee..curry mee..and yi mee..horrible rite???....dun b suprise..we r just sharing the food around..just to get the taste of every food..well..not only cheap..the food is really nice..imagine for rm2 u get a really yummy tasty wan tan me...where u can get all these in wonder penang is called the eating kingdom..for sumone who like me..likes to eat...sure must go penang...
nothing much affter that..went back to have a good nite rest!!

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