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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ideas of the day:Microsoft vs Asam Laksa..Small Business,Big Money!

This ideas struck my brain when I actually sat down to have my bowl of asam laksa at Air Hitam in Penang..well..any Penangites will know this famous food...well not actually actually almost any Malaysian Chinese..will know.. can hardly find any tables easily to have ur bowl of asam laksa..worst still..u have to stand and book ur place..untill the customer of the table that u book fjnish eating..
And u can c the boss never stop working with his agile hands to cook bowls of nice asam laksa..bowls by bowls..

Just to share with u all..this asam laksa seller actually making big money...lets c is sell at RM2.20 a bowl..roughly a can sell ..leta say 100 bowls(it actually can sell more than that during holiday season)...that means..roughly one day it can make around RM220...(lets take RM200..easier to count) sell 30 days..thats mean one month the seller actually earns around RM6000++(this should be the minimun that the seller can earn) long does it take a university graduate to earn RM6000 a month..??Well...this asam seller actually can make up to RM10000+++ a month...

Than most interesting..lets compare the asam laksa seller with the Chairman of Microsoft...of terms of profits by Bill Gates is many times the bigger amount than the asam laksa seller...but..think ratinonalely..while Bill Gates have to struggle every day fighting piracy...fighting to get rid of software..always has in mind what is the next move to upgrade the Windows service..
But..what is the asam laksa seller had in mind..simple..just cook the best asam laksa for his customer..
While everynite Bill Gates cant sleep soundly..just with all the Microsoft stuff in mind..this asam laksa seller can sleep soundly after tired working the whole day..only to wake up the next morning to start another routine daily life....and yet..he is making big profit with his soundly sleep everynite..only for Bill always had a "worry" sleep...
While Bill have to go round the world to woo his customer to buy his fight stop free-ware...this asam laksa seller did nothing..instead his customer was to come by themselves..patiently wait for bowls of asam laksa...interesting issnt it??
While copy of pirated Windows can be easily get...which makes the Microsoft drops..there are no pirated asam laksa anywhere..only one and only of its kind in Penang..and this make no worry in the asam laksa seller...

When we think rationally..this asam laksa seller had indeed..very much more succesful...doesnt to be succesful..need not to be a company CEO.indeed..a highly demand hawker can do...
So.what u all think??


Yatz said...

hahaha..good 1 good 1..

Tham kim chung said...

Good start, but not the best. Post more interesting story, i will support u.