there is no losing battle..victory is hard..there is always great fightback..

roman is not built in a day..BUT I WILL BUILD MY ROMAN

My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long gone the hectic and comes the free and easy days!

4 months that I had left "my world"..lived in others people world..i really hope that I will be back to my world again. Yeah lets's start it all over again by this blog post. Yup, after all the hard work for the past few months that keep on continuous busy, finally i did manage sometime for "my world". Had been busy and hectic for the past few months, busy with my baby Pineview and most of the time seeing moon in the morning and moon in the night. Hectic work schedule left me stranded on my bed once I reach house and stranded on my bed meaning I am abandoning "my world". Anyhow, finally all these hard works pay off AND I WOULD LIKE TO DECLARE A WEEKS HOLIDAY FOR MYSELF FROM 250409.Well, I don't have that privilege to declare my own holiday. A week holiday that I will have is courtesy of my boss to allow us for a one week compensation leave. Woo...I will need to take this good time for 3R, refresh, relax, and rejuvenate.

Lots had been go through, lots had been endure,lot had been learnt, lots of happiness which usually comes along with lots of sadness, and lots of challenges which make these life wonderful and meaningful. Yeah, definitely yes and I will definitely make good use of this 1 week holiday!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 checklist

Spending some time for my lovely blog on the morning of the first day of 2009. Just another morning, nothing much different from the previous morning. The only difference, re-spirited I can say. Thus, though feeling lazy, yet a bit busy on the job load, I will still like to draw up some target or you might say new year resolutions.

Flash back to 2008, all I can say it had been great. I am satisfied. I can say I am doing great jobs in 2008. Lots of memories in 2008, which I cant afford to forget, always in my mind. And for that, these great job will be bring forward and continued to the year 2009.

So whats for 2009, here goes the checklist, priority from the top:-

a) For my honey:-
--> Going to take time off for honey probably more often visit whenever there are chances.
--> A great 090909\
--> Support her all along her tough journey path of her study and wish her all the smooth sailing in her journey.
--> a vacation with her

b) my career:-
--> a promotion, perhaps from grade 03 to grade 04
--> an increment
--> a travel, probably to US?

I expect year 2009 is a hard year, with current economy crisis ongoing. But still I want a great career year for myself. With stringent budget at a cut cost rate of 50%, it seems impossible, but no news on this yet. So got to cross finger and make it happen.

c) wishlist
--> a netbook, perhaps a Pineview SOC netbook, only if it comes with great SSD drive
--> an iPhone,
--> a dSLR

Not a must have, but a wish list.

d) personal target
--> saving funds for house/home of 10% from for average market home price by year end?

A must have, for my house for my home.

Finally, my new year wish is simple, both my parents are healthy, siblings all are doing smooth on their career, my honey always stay happy and smooth on whatever she did, little jun kai growing up healthy.

Pen-ed by Sena Niam, from PG.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Not my intention to discontinue the post "The Road Less Traveled", to the fact that I was too tied up with my job --> my new product which going to meet the PRQ next year. Yeah , no choice but only do a short post this round.
Work life had not been as nice as study life, but still ok. Just take it to enjoy the tough life of it as tough can be a sense of enjoyment and challenge too.
Living fine for current time except that I miss "Mr Sun" most of the time and "Mr Moon" had been my biggest admirer. Easy enought to know what I mean by that.
I am still finding my time to finish up my "The Road Less Traveled", perhaps over the next holiday, if I got the mood and again, if I am not too tied up with my jobs.

Just a quick update, I am fine and ok. Living great on earth but most of the time living the greatest in hyperspace. Just have a look on some update on the pic in the blog.

Have a nice day to all the readers..if there is any...and take care ..will be back as frequent as I can.

Pen-ed from PG12 PDC Lab along with my HP, i780 and CMT

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The story of the road less traveled - Part 1 - The choice

3 months before I had completed one of the path in my life....its a journey of 1+6+7+4 = 18 years. And for the last 4 years, its the peak of the journey, yet it was a wonderful one although the toughest one. I can say that I choose the I road less traveled. It was my will with no force I choose to be at a place estrange for me. A place where I will be far from my family, a place that I never been before, but the most important, a place where I will finish off my 18 years or journey.

In thick forest and huge blue ocean I traveled my journey. Rather different, somehow special I would say. Origin from a city or a so called brick jungle, I found myself in a real jungle, a natural one. From brick jungle to a tree jungle, it would be hard to survive then, one would say for a city boy like me. At my first thought, it might be. Somehow, its my choice, which had always been tied to my principle, I did it my way. I choose the place because of my aspiration althought it may seems to be a blunt choice. I know nothing about this place. The only thing I know is its symbolic geographical trademark. Other then that, none. Nothing about the culture.Nothing about the geographical status and know no one.

With the choice that had been decided, I traveled with some other friends who either willingly or not willingly to be in the same path as I was. So called friends were just companions. It seems I traveled in a group of "friends", but what really was I traveled alone. I start of my journey alone. But that did not matter. My aspiration was with me all the time. My spirit never leaves me. Family support was always there, following my footprint. Yeah, who cares if the toughest path lies ahead. I had all that I need to face it, and to overpower it.
And frankly, that was the very first time I was at a point so far from the family. Came from a close knit family, it might be hard to go these far, well that was in terms of emotion and feelings. 4 years apart from family seems to be long duration. I admit that I miss my family. I took off my journey with a heavy heart. At a point of my mind, I ever thought to have a u-turn. But I clearly know I can't. I got to get going. The path had been set for me, although, not the best of the path. I got to run,walk, and crawl to the finish line. Nevermind is what I say to myself and aspirations is what I remind myself of most of the time . I know I can adapt to the new place. I gonna prove that I did it my way.

Time to be apart is always bad. I always had say bye bye, tata, good bye and see you again. Those are just norms and manners. But, at a different time, different situation, different place, those phrases are never be the same. It was a great send off that I could recalled. Well, great send off did not mean a special ceremony with brass band playing Auld Lang Syne and walking on a red carpet. For me it was a great and warm send off simply because all my beloved family members were there, with few classmates and friends and of course, the non stop text message. Blessings, wishes and greetings sent me to another place. Hug, hand shake, sad smile, and tears shedding (well, I tried my best not to shed a single tear and yes I did it, but the tears were shedding heavily in my heart fo sure) and finally, I am off to the boarding gate.
Off the boarding gate and suddenly I found my self to be all alone for my journey...Yes thats the fact, the journey is about to begin....A single fighter is going to fight for the future, to complete the journey and to bring back the glory..and the single fighter always had one mind. I always did it my way and I always do........


I am back!!

After such a long layoff from my Sena's World, now I am back and hopefully I will be keep on blog this time with a re-new look that not so new..just with some touch up.

Well its more than a year that i did not blog here, which I guess start from the end of my first sem of my final year...So a million sorry for that....all I must say i must be sorry to my world..
So why such a long layoff?Well i must had said i had been kept busy for my final year, for my thesis. So instead of blog, i concentrate more on my thesis writing most of the time, which i must say i really dedicate to it and yup...finally kudos to myself, i manage to come up something that can be proud of, of all my hard work, my effort.Anyhow, that;s had been part of my history.And I must summarize that it was such a nice and wonderful path, a well taken path in my life. It was a path "good traveled".

And as of now, already graduated and a so called engineer, I am glad that I land a job, to join a whole new world where some people named it a working world, a realistic world or what so ever. But for me I will name it as a whole new world for me. SO WELCOME TO NEW SENA'S WORLD!!.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


When you think it doesn’t matter
if you fail or pass the test.
Keep in mind the reason why
you should always be your best.

While the whole world may not notice
if you tried to give your all,
there is a person in you
to whom it matters if you fall.

That little voice inside you -
which directs your thoughts each day -
will make the final judgement
if you won or lost each day.

Never can you fail yourself
if you give it all you’ve got.
The world extends a hand to you
when you give life your best shot.

For all that really matters
when you're finished with your test,
is not the final score at all -
but did you do your best?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The end of semifinal.....

Its a rainy day back here in I had already finish my "semifinal match"...a match that took me 6 + 7 + 3 half = 16 half years to reach..such a long time..and now is the break time before the final match..the much anticipated, anxious and nervous match...and also the finale of 17 years....such a long journey that took all my efforts, patience, courage, curiosity, passion...and whatever I had in me and now I am just a match from my dream.....

Such a tough period...that provide a tough and great pshycology and mental challenge...but whatever the challenge..I am proud to pass through...with all the hardwork and efforts...but realizing the much tougher and intense challenge is awaiting me in time to come...there is no point to loose up...

A semifinal match is tough..but how tough it is will never be tougher than a final match..seeing the trophy beautifully placed for won't want it to slip away from you...thus the journey is yet to end....a tougher and torny path to follow then, before the trophy is finally yours....thus not the time to loose up..but the time to step another gear up......

No point to look back at the what had been past through for the sem..the more importance is what had been learn....knowing what had been learnt is still not and implement what had been learn sits on top of the priority list..

The journey is yet to end...and did not get easier either...and only will get tougher and tougher...and more torny...with the trophy in front of wont want to be drown on your path...and out of your sight...the only way to grab it is to keep move forward..put in efforts to stay on the path...straight to the trophy...and GRAB IT!!!...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007