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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The story of the road less traveled - Part 1 - The choice

3 months before I had completed one of the path in my life....its a journey of 1+6+7+4 = 18 years. And for the last 4 years, its the peak of the journey, yet it was a wonderful one although the toughest one. I can say that I choose the I road less traveled. It was my will with no force I choose to be at a place estrange for me. A place where I will be far from my family, a place that I never been before, but the most important, a place where I will finish off my 18 years or journey.

In thick forest and huge blue ocean I traveled my journey. Rather different, somehow special I would say. Origin from a city or a so called brick jungle, I found myself in a real jungle, a natural one. From brick jungle to a tree jungle, it would be hard to survive then, one would say for a city boy like me. At my first thought, it might be. Somehow, its my choice, which had always been tied to my principle, I did it my way. I choose the place because of my aspiration althought it may seems to be a blunt choice. I know nothing about this place. The only thing I know is its symbolic geographical trademark. Other then that, none. Nothing about the culture.Nothing about the geographical status and know no one.

With the choice that had been decided, I traveled with some other friends who either willingly or not willingly to be in the same path as I was. So called friends were just companions. It seems I traveled in a group of "friends", but what really was I traveled alone. I start of my journey alone. But that did not matter. My aspiration was with me all the time. My spirit never leaves me. Family support was always there, following my footprint. Yeah, who cares if the toughest path lies ahead. I had all that I need to face it, and to overpower it.
And frankly, that was the very first time I was at a point so far from the family. Came from a close knit family, it might be hard to go these far, well that was in terms of emotion and feelings. 4 years apart from family seems to be long duration. I admit that I miss my family. I took off my journey with a heavy heart. At a point of my mind, I ever thought to have a u-turn. But I clearly know I can't. I got to get going. The path had been set for me, although, not the best of the path. I got to run,walk, and crawl to the finish line. Nevermind is what I say to myself and aspirations is what I remind myself of most of the time . I know I can adapt to the new place. I gonna prove that I did it my way.

Time to be apart is always bad. I always had say bye bye, tata, good bye and see you again. Those are just norms and manners. But, at a different time, different situation, different place, those phrases are never be the same. It was a great send off that I could recalled. Well, great send off did not mean a special ceremony with brass band playing Auld Lang Syne and walking on a red carpet. For me it was a great and warm send off simply because all my beloved family members were there, with few classmates and friends and of course, the non stop text message. Blessings, wishes and greetings sent me to another place. Hug, hand shake, sad smile, and tears shedding (well, I tried my best not to shed a single tear and yes I did it, but the tears were shedding heavily in my heart fo sure) and finally, I am off to the boarding gate.
Off the boarding gate and suddenly I found my self to be all alone for my journey...Yes thats the fact, the journey is about to begin....A single fighter is going to fight for the future, to complete the journey and to bring back the glory..and the single fighter always had one mind. I always did it my way and I always do........


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