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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am back!!

After such a long layoff from my Sena's World, now I am back and hopefully I will be keep on blog this time with a re-new look that not so new..just with some touch up.

Well its more than a year that i did not blog here, which I guess start from the end of my first sem of my final year...So a million sorry for that....all I must say i must be sorry to my world..
So why such a long layoff?Well i must had said i had been kept busy for my final year, for my thesis. So instead of blog, i concentrate more on my thesis writing most of the time, which i must say i really dedicate to it and yup...finally kudos to myself, i manage to come up something that can be proud of, of all my hard work, my effort.Anyhow, that;s had been part of my history.And I must summarize that it was such a nice and wonderful path, a well taken path in my life. It was a path "good traveled".

And as of now, already graduated and a so called engineer, I am glad that I land a job, to join a whole new world where some people named it a working world, a realistic world or what so ever. But for me I will name it as a whole new world for me. SO WELCOME TO NEW SENA'S WORLD!!.


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