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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 checklist

Spending some time for my lovely blog on the morning of the first day of 2009. Just another morning, nothing much different from the previous morning. The only difference, re-spirited I can say. Thus, though feeling lazy, yet a bit busy on the job load, I will still like to draw up some target or you might say new year resolutions.

Flash back to 2008, all I can say it had been great. I am satisfied. I can say I am doing great jobs in 2008. Lots of memories in 2008, which I cant afford to forget, always in my mind. And for that, these great job will be bring forward and continued to the year 2009.

So whats for 2009, here goes the checklist, priority from the top:-

a) For my honey:-
--> Going to take time off for honey probably more often visit whenever there are chances.
--> A great 090909\
--> Support her all along her tough journey path of her study and wish her all the smooth sailing in her journey.
--> a vacation with her

b) my career:-
--> a promotion, perhaps from grade 03 to grade 04
--> an increment
--> a travel, probably to US?

I expect year 2009 is a hard year, with current economy crisis ongoing. But still I want a great career year for myself. With stringent budget at a cut cost rate of 50%, it seems impossible, but no news on this yet. So got to cross finger and make it happen.

c) wishlist
--> a netbook, perhaps a Pineview SOC netbook, only if it comes with great SSD drive
--> an iPhone,
--> a dSLR

Not a must have, but a wish list.

d) personal target
--> saving funds for house/home of 10% from for average market home price by year end?

A must have, for my house for my home.

Finally, my new year wish is simple, both my parents are healthy, siblings all are doing smooth on their career, my honey always stay happy and smooth on whatever she did, little jun kai growing up healthy.

Pen-ed by Sena Niam, from PG.

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