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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Durian Fest!!!

ohhh!!!i m damm full now..just finish my durian is durian season in penang..thats why we had durian for dinner!!incredible hah!!hahahah...well..walk along Air Hitam..a place where the ever famous Kek Lok Si temple was situated..u can saw many ppl either squating choosing durians...the how to describe it!Thus we picked up a few durians as our dinner..ahahahaha...and what..our car were filled with the durian smell..
well actually having durian as dinner..can be quite full..since before that,, we had bowls of the famous penang asam laksa..a must eat food when come to penang...but,,if u ask me by the time i m writing this wether i still want to have another bowl..i will say no..coz really full now..hahaha...

3rd daya in Penang nothing much..thought wanna go Bkt Bendera..though i had many times came to penang..but never been to bkt bendera b4..but than..when we reach there..the indian parking attendant who can speak a few word in hokkien(amazing hah!!)..tell us that we will had to wait another 2 hours b4 we actually can board the cable...he said that there was lots of had to cancel our plan..that hokkien speaking indian parking attendant was so kind to tell us that we can save our parking fee..tha chnage our destination..thought wanna go to Kek Lok Si temple..a very beautiful temple..i had been here..but than..i never been to the Goddes Kuan Yin bronzr statue..which was newly built..and another bad day..when we climb up to kek lok si..only to find out that the temple is disappointed..
At the end..end up buying durians for dinner..hahahahah....mayb..someone out there can try this out..hahahh...

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