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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Saturday, June 18, 2005

CHEE HOE belated Birthday Celebration!!Happy Birthday

we had a small celebration for "Fatty Hoe"(Chee Hoe) birthday celebration...well..a belated 21st BD...
nothing much..just since our Big Sis..Teh Xin Yee oledy booked a room at we just bought a cake ..and had the cake cutting celebration for Fatty Hoe...
Attdn list:..The Three Musketeer of U6sc1..(Me,Vincent,Adrian)..hahah...the birthday boy..Chee Hoe..Lay Koon..Wun Hui,,Huey Teen,,and big sis lorr..Xin Yee..
well..we had a pretty good time there..although i can't be with them quite long..cause had to catch my bro car back home..if not had to take LRT and komuter..very mah fan...
So SORRY!!!!!!!! to them...very very sorry..
we had pretty good time so many "Malaysian Idol"....hahah..may i recomend Teh XIn Yee to participate in Malaysian Idol...than i sure support her..haha.than,,Song Feng should go audition with his Tong Hua and Kau Ilhamnku...

Ok..all for now...if posible lets had another outing before I going back!!!

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