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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Monday, June 20, 2005

My Condolence to a Special Doc

this post was specially to express my sadness and my condolence tomy family doc..who had lost his wife who suffered from some kind of"mental stress"..that led her to commit suicide..a very sad way to lost someone beloved.

the incident happened on friday,,and was published on Sin Chew Jit Pohon saturday..I was told by my mom about the story..but since it didnot publish the name..and the pic was quite blurr..I not really recognise the doc face..but then my mom said the woman pic seem familiar to her..even ask me if the man in the pic looks like my family doc..

Until this grandma called..and she said about the incident..(the doc is also her regular doc)..only we know bout the sad news..

I was trully saddened by the news...almost cant believe a doc's wifecan die from commit suicide...Why not?..this doc(in respect..I will not publish his name) veryspecial to fact to our family..our relationship is just notbetween doc and fact,,we are like friends..i can still remember,,that he want us(me and my bros) to call him uncle..instead of calling him doctor...he had been my doc since i was bornthis doctor is a very kind hearted one..the most kind of any doc I find so far..he will treat his patients free of charge..if he foundout that the patient is poor..well..i see this with my own eye..if you ask who inspire me for the childhood dream to become a was this special doctor..(my ambition is 2 become a doc..but i failed..thus i can only succeed my second ambition)..who inspire me doubt about that..i can still remember what he said when i told him someday i would like t0 become a doc when i was small..he said"Study medicine is nothard...only requires hardowork"..

Besides..he always gave me sweet when he treat me(even i was just to accompany)..he was also the only doc that i would allow to jab on me..even till now..he was also the only doc that i will not havethe scare feeling when being reated.

Where else can u find a doc that is so close and friendly and caring like this..My very recent visit to him...thats on last month and last monday..we were chatting..just like a very best friend..he was asking my life in the my life in Sabah going on..asking about my bro.on their job...oledy married or not..

How can I imagine this kind of incident happened on this "very special" between..he was truly a good husband..when holiday comes..he will go out on trip..we never knows why..and we onlyknow it by accompany his wife who suffers from some"mental stress"..

On my opinion..a kind hearted doc like him..should not lost hisbeloved in such a sad way..trully should not..Why he was being treatedso unfairly!!!..

Love and death is part of the could only express my sadness and my condolence..nothing much that I can do..

Those who read this..always appreciate your very special one..notonly ur spouse..but ur parents,,ur siblings...any other else..and too..dont get stress on ur ur stress out of stress can be a killer too, this case


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