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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Good Hard Days!!

had been a busy day yesterday..accompany my younger cousin to Uniten..this recall me the memories that deep inside my brain..I had been sending almost everyone in my family to their respectiveUni,,start when I was small that time..."sending" my oldest broto UPM,,than my second bro to the other 2 cousin to TARC..and now..this should be the final younger cousin to Uniten..(before sending my own child)..

Well.. the feeling of sending someone to uni at the different stage of life is totally different..when I was small..sending my 2 bros to uni..the some kind like excitement in my head.But till yesterday..seeing my younger cousin enter like nothing much special to me..just normal..totally different compared when I was small...maybe this is the effect of growing older and had been absorbed more experience..

while watching my younger cousin go thru all his registration staff..recall me back to my first day in Uni..well..compared to all the studentsthere..they are a lot can see whole family accompany a student to go thru all his/her registation process..they had their parents by their side accompany them to another stage of life..but in my case..with some of my friends..I travel to a whole new world..far from my new stage of life..without being accompany by anyone..yes.there was newly make one else...While in younger days..I always hope that my parents can see me walk inthe uni entrance..just like what happen to my 2 bro..but to me..only the God see me walk in the uni entrance..

My younger cousin is indeed lucky..he had his parents and even my parents..and me and my bro to send him to uni..He had all the guidance needed...while to me..I act on my guidance given..fully on myself.While he had people to carry all his stuff to the hostel..I had to carry my own heavy stuff on myself..with no help at all..

Well,,those were my hard days..but I m glad its over..and I m making it good in my new place..and expecting more in future..I m not expressing my jealousy or what...just recalling back to my first day in uni..very different indeed..but than I know my experiencewill be paid back..maybe not now..but in future..I know those hard days will bring the best out of me..I m confident bout these.

And to my younger cousin..all the best for his uni life!

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