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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Welcome back to KK!!

I am back to KK after 11 weeks of internship in Intel, pursuing my final year of Computer Engineering, chasing my first degree. Finish my internship on 6th July..left Intel at 12pm..board a 1pm Plusliner bus back to KL...reach KL around my gf..board KTM back to Serdang..had a nice wonderful dinner with my such a rush!!...

And spent the nite preparing luggage, cause I will be back on the next day 9.15pm flight..hardly had time to rest...and the next day I am flying back to KK..Any how, I spend a good Saturday with my gf and also my parents before the nite plane back to KK..

Going back this time is a different feeling than any other times. FIRST, I am back alone this time, without my gf. Means, we will be separated by the big South China Sea...SECOND, going back this year would meant a crucial year for me...THIRD, most of my 3 years courses buddies whom I used to hang were not around anymore..that means, less friend here...

Anywhere, there aint no stopping. I will give all my best this year..complete my Iridology with some flying results..

Back to here, is another busy week, my internship final report, clean the house which just like a store room, huh....a lot of hardwork.....and finally, I submitted my report and managed take up some rest..
Actually, not much mood to blog yet, but just to keep it updated!So take a look at my pic!!

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