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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Friday, June 29, 2007

TME Teambuilding..Paintball

By the time I am posting this, i was just back from EMD TME Teambuikding....We had a paintball workout at Kompleks Belia Sukan, sumwhere in Gelugot opposite USM..Well, I always dream of playing paintball game, but well, it is not a cheap game, consider expensive. Besides, to play, you will need a large group of buddy, at least 10, only you can play. Thanks to EMD, that I can play paintball for fun, and the best of all, its free.All on EMD expense.
We were divided into 2 groups of 9 ppl, with me in the group same with my manager and the other higher manager, besides with the other intern. Overall, its a nice workout, but afterall, the game is not so easy at all, not just abt u shoot me, i shoot u. Its to touch with strategy too. But afterall, we were just enjoy the game, and the strategy we talk about before the game, in war all about shooting only, like never hold a gun before.hahaah..
And the results of the game, i got bruises over my body, with the 2 serious one on the thigh which bleeds a little...ALL because of my heroic act to run across the field towards the enemy side. I think I kill one, but at least 3 ppl aims at me..hahaha...nvm..its just all the fun afterall...
The teambuilding ends with lunch together at KF Tesco...So, paintball is real fun instead.
Future any paintball game again, i will join for sure..But too bad, no one is bringing a cam so no pic to be display in this post!!


the V said...
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the V said...

Fatty~~~~~~~~~~~~~I also want to play paintball. Jealous gila lah....I also dream to play paintball but untill now belum tercapai.WTTF,WTf,WTF!!!!!!!!