there is no losing battle..victory is hard..there is always great fightback..

roman is not built in a day..BUT I WILL BUILD MY ROMAN

My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Specially for my honey!!

Happy Birthday if today is 28th
Happy Belated Birthday, if today was days after 28th.

My heart might not swim across the sea,
My soul might not fly through the air,
But you can find my heart,
As My heart lies in your heart,
You can find my soul,
As my soul sits in your mind.

The journey we walk,
I present you my "Faith"
For "Faith" is the root of our love,
For "Faith" is the top of our journey,
And for "Faith" is the believes of our journey.

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The V said...

Geli siot~~~~~~~~ Want to tell the whole world your girlfriend birthday ah??