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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Monday, October 31, 2005


i just feel so boring today..just what i read cant get into my head...BJT..what the heck is that..really saturated that i dunno what am i reading..well..finals is getting closer and closer....and what i am doing now is far from my plan..oh...really really lost in the middle of nowhere...can any angel from the heaven come to my help?...i know i have to do really well for the finals..but i just cant get my head fill up with all the Electronic..Thermo..Applied ..and all others stuff...i just get really really lost..i had been doing all the revising stuff since last more afternoon sleep.....waking up at 8AM....glued to the chair one whole day....i had been trying so hard..but yet..the feeling of not doing well still deep in my heart?,...haih..... the time i am writing..i m just back from an evening walk aroud the neighbourhood...since head really get blurr and blank today..than i think a walk will refresh me better..watching sunset...seeing ppl jogging around...playing basketball..
well..i hope my brain can be "reset" back after the set my brain for a more challenge week to come......

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