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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Sunday, October 09, 2005


haih..really dissappointed with the discrete electronic test on friday..DE1..which one of my major courses for the Com Eng..but than it really sucks man...i had try all my best..preparing for the test for almost one whole week..burn the midnite oil...but than..go to the test..just sit down there and really struggling for the next 2 hours..what a big who's fault?issit really my fault?...but i had try anything..the book of Microelectronic Circuit by Kendra&Smith i had been go thru so many times..but than.still the same..if its my fault..than it must be my brain that is not genius enuff...thts for sure..

well..from my failure to do the test well...i can think of sum reasons why..
of course my lecturer is not that good enuff..the way he teach..haih..dunno how to comment...mostly like theoretically..not to the approach of problem solving..he shld teach us more on problem what Dr Ali teach us..than that would be a lot better..
and than the book of Microelectronic Circuit books..haih..all about explanation..than the eg simple..really beh pakai one..sumore said that book is what all the EE student must have...

and to the good that the test(which considered to be the 2nd mid term.)consist of either20 % or 10% frm the final...)...that means to score this i had to do my lab report,tutorial,asgnmnt choice..looks like i had to double my work to enable me to secure some pride in this course..DISCRETE ELECTRONIC!!

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