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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Friday, September 09, 2005

A New Semester!!

ok!!..enough about kinabalu!!...sorry for neglect this blog!!..justthat this sem quite busy..hardly to find any mood to type anything!Sorry again...will try my best out to keep updating this blog!

Well..its almost half a semester gone.. and i had just past all my mid term..can enjoy my mid sem break at least!!...hows this sem going..still ok!!enjoying the life staying outside kolej!my new house....29 Lorong Raja Udang 2B,Taman Kingfisher 2,88400, kota Kinabalu..only about 1o mins frm UMS..with my loyal "wife"fetching me thru and flow everyday!! loyal WDC6364!!..hahhaha...

actually...thats my house for me to study and sleep only..and when i m free...most of the time..will be at frends house at the other house..40, Lrg Raja Udang 1A..where my buddies stay..also the housefor me to have fun...and is consider also my 2nd house...
the courses for this sem..let me elaborate 1 by 1..
1...discrete electronic..a heavy 4CH course..teach by a malay lecturer.haih..only 1 words..bad..half sem gone..and still cant hardlyunderstand what he tought..and most of the time..can only dependson my Sedra& myself..really miss my lecturer last semProf Dr Ali Chekima..

2..termodynamics...taught by a lovely lady...mrs aslina..well..quite a good lecturer..never miss her lecture so far

3..applied mechanics...taught by mr harimi...well..the bestlecturer i encounter so far...quite strict..but funny too..never feel sleepy in his class maths 3..taught again by mr kenneth..also my landlord..oledy normal since last sem..keep pijak us..and the course..full of unknown symbol!..but mayb the symbol knew me..but i dunno themuntill the last week..hahahah....

5..multimedia in eng..haih...a strict lady lecturer..learning allthe flash..adobe..and whats sucks is that i m only the 2nd year joiningthe 3rd year student..that means..i always alone in the lecture...

6..japanese..tought by cute naomi kato sensei...she mayb cute...but ireally hesitate to go to the class..but still had to attend in order to pass..haih...san nen desu ne

7..engineerng workshop...nothing much other than doing all thoseworkshop things..will attend the workshop but skip the lecture class..

hows the feeling for this sem?? in new house no more in kolejanother new experience!in my own house...not that happy though..still feel better in my 2nd house..hahaha..mayb bcos my buddiesis there...need not to fighting for my loyal wife will fetch me to more cuty rice...only chinese food,,mamak..and better still..home cooked food..hahahah...and there is nothing better than freedom..can go anywhere till late at nite...or morning..

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