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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Final Destination

a very very sorry to u all after such a long break!!

just to complete the report to the mount kinabalu!
frm laban rata ...we prepared ourselves at around 2.00am...the weatheris "extremely" least the coldest tht i ever experience!!..frm what i heard..should be around 5C...dunno whether its true or not..on the clothing that i wear..from the most inner..1 sleeveless tight,1 t-shirt..1 long sleeve..1 thin sweater..1 thick sweater..and finally a windbreaker....after all the hot drinks and preparation...with all the torch lights,camera...our guide finally arrived..and we start our final part ofthe journey..JOURNEY TO THE PEAK....

at the first part of the journey..its all about climbing up staircasesin the dark..and they r too many ppl...and we r like queeing up all along the staircases..its a slow moving one..thus not that tired..but than i did not have a torchlight in hand..thus i had to dependson my frend in front..ntthing much this part...but i was sweating inthe cold....its ok..mayb because of the much "exercise" frm the body!

as it goes further..the journey becomes tougher!..and finally there is no more staircases..all left is rock..steep rock..and we had to climb using rope...the most challenging part comes to life!..holding on to the rope.we r to climb up the steep in the Cliffhanger movie..wats more challenging is that we had to climb in the dark...depending on my frends light,,what i can see is only a white rope by the side..we were to follow the rope..and at one !@#$ing shoe slip..and i was like hanging in the middle of the cliff..luckily my frend was at behind to hold me...and my shoesdid not fall down the cliff...sigh....
and the journey continues on ..getting tired...exhaustion..but stillneed to go on...from the group of 10..we were split in 2 groups..of cos those with good stamina are in front..for me ..hahhahh..stillok..sumtimes front..sumtimes back..and at one time..i was walking alone...cant see the frends at the back and front..sigh...
as approaching the top..the wind were blowing very very fast...and the situation is even worse when my snow cap went missing..and i had to walk with my head covered with cap from my sweater!..andthe weather,,really more sweating...all i can feel is damm cold wind blowing!

at one time when i raise my head up to look far far away..i thought i was almost there since i oledy past the 8.5km signboard..i were excitedbut my excited is shortlived one!...the guide that pass thru me said there will be around 45mins to reach the peak!!WTF!!..what a down feeling..but the guide is really good..he ask me to keep going...and of course..what in my mind is to keep going..and that time..psychology power is stronger than physically...what i keep in my mind is that i mmust reach the peak NO MATTER WHAT!..and..thus i keep going....and start from there,,most of the time i was climbing all alone!!and towards the final end...the situation getting worse..wind blowingvery fast..and i was breathing "water"...the air that i breathe outwere condensed into water..and i ahd to breathe in water..reallybad!!..but no mind..i keep on walking!

yeah!!..i finally see the path to the peak!!and my fast going frendwere oledy there!!...and my others frend was below following up..with two tired feet!..i climb up towards the highest peak in South East Asia...and finally i was there!!!HURRAY!! disppointmentis that it was too misty!!the peak is surrounded by mist!!...we had few pictures taken there!the proud was filling all the cornerof my heart and brain!...we cant spend much time on the peak as we had to give way to other climbers to take picture at the signboard(as u all can c in the pic)...and after a around 15 mins hanging to the peak...we climb down the peak..

Though a short 15 mins...but the 15 mins is really a trully memorable moment in my life!!..

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