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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Friday, September 09, 2005

A Deep Thought!!

although alomost 2 months from the journey to the mt kinabalu..but the memory is still very fresh in my memory..just a deep thought frm me throughout the journey!

before climbing up the mt kinabalu..all in my mind that it was aneasy job...but down from the was no easy enough..physically fit will make the journey easy!..but frm my point of view..psychology fit is more important!! physicallyis not very fit..hahahah...compared to other friends..but its the "inner" power to push me towards the peak!..the r sumtimes during the journey when "give up" plays in my mind...but..thewords "keep going" overcome it!thats the way that i reached the peak!..tired and exhasution towards the peak..all I can depends is my will power! will power did overcome the physically unfit of meto keep going...well there is meaning beside all these words!what i trying to say is matter how "physically" weak u r..if u have a strong "physcology"..u will get all ur wish done!!..whats more important lies in the inner yours..not outer..the "inner"power is always greater than the "outer" one..a great "outer" powerwill be useless if there is no inner power..i hope those who reads thisunderstand what i m trying to its time for u all to explorethe "inner" power..dun let lost ur inner power!

the path to the peak is not easy!!indeed it was hard!..but once I reachedthe peak and come down from it..i think again! was really hardbut still it was still sweet indeed!..think!all the hardworks thatu done is finally paid..the path to the kinabalu is just like the path of ones's life! and downs!but when u finally reach the targeted destination..all in ur heart is a very very comfortable feeling! hesitate to live on till the very final moment!

have u all ever walk in the dark alone!as i mentioned in the postearlier..its not a very good feeling..while i was walking alone inthe dark..i keep looking uphill and downhill..looking for frends..and while in the dark..u saw a light shining on you from up..tellingu that "walk faster!the peak is almots there"...its a trully nice moments..although the peak is still a long way to go...we cant live in this world all on our own...we need frends to guide us through the the dark moment...the journey to the top had make me treasured more about friendship...SO I TAKE A CHANCE HERE TO SAY SORRY TO ALL MY FRENDS IF I HADDO ANYTHING THAT HURT...but to all my frends..i trully treasured the friendship band around me!!....FRENZ FOREVER...

thats the important deep thought from my jurney to kinabalu...althought i did said.."paying money to suffer"...but all the was the best adventure and "vacation" i ever hadfor the time being!!

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