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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Sayonara!!..will be leaving to KK this will be my last post from peninsular before departing back to KK..
had been a wonderful holiday for this three month..such a Sena's "Long Vacation"...

mind the long vacation...will start off the new semester with a bang..hahahahaha..pitting myself to conquer the highest peak in SouthEast Asia..the Mt Kinabalu...a challenge for me before starting to study again...dun worry..Kinabalu i will defeat doubt...hahahah...

will leave at tomolo 7am post a long story...but surely..will bring u the adventure i had in conquering Kinabalu..but than..not so soon...gv me around 2 weeks time..and i will b reporting back.....

So to all my buddies....c ya..Sayonara!All the best for ur coming sem!!Dun miss me too much,,,will be back in 5 months time....Ok....bye bye bye

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