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My piece of dream

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Conquer Of Mt Kinabalu Part 1

wow...its been a long time i din post here..shld be said since i reach KK...well..where should i start??..err...lets see..

4 JULY 2005..the date i left KL to go back to early flight at 7am..nothingmuch..the air ticket is rather cheap..Rm48.88..but than i was chargedfor overweight for my luggage..another RM100..WTF!..i always hadheavy luggage..but this is the first time i was charged..wat a bad day!than another scare on flight!the plane was about to depart..but than was call back because of technical problem..all the passenger had to wait anxiously..than when the plane about to take off..there was fire from the right Indian passenger just shout outto alert the stewardess..and me..was about to leave my seat too..asI can saw the fire too...the stewardess than inform the pilot..actually..we just scare ourselves..the fire was cause by the afterburnerafter the jet refuelled..really a scare...I than had a safe 2 and half hours flight to KK...the second time i flew back to KK..the second time it rain when the planelands...

5 JULY 2005..we get up as early as 4.30am to get ready for out climb Mt Kinabalu..the van is scheduled to fetch us at 6.30am..we do out finalchecking on the things needed for the trip..had a early breakfast atthe mamak store nearby..becos we had to fill up our stomach..orelse..will struggling during the climb..among who join the trip...Robin..kien Fong..Foo.Yew Ghee..anf check up before starting the trip...water..lots of chocolate(resources for energy)..biscuits..first aid kits..warm clothes..the van arrive in time to fetch us to

Kinabalu Park..the place where we start to conquer Mt Kinabalu...
after all the procedure at the office of Kinabalu Park..we were sendby van to the Timpohon Gate..the starting point of the trail to Mt kinabalu..after much explanation from our guide..we start off our journey..

we left Timpohon gate roughly at around 10am++...the weather is in goodcondition..we are scheduled to reach the rest house at Laban Rata..inabout after 5-6hours climb..and the length is about 7.7km..

the first km is nothing much..with trees all around..with the trail isnot that steep..much normal staircase..just climbing up staircases..but..that is not that easy as we proceed further as we went..the trail conditions become worst..and became more difficultto climb..and as we go further..we became more tired and more staircases..all is about rock staircases(check out the pic soon)..really hard to climb..we had to stop after every 1 km at the "pondok"which was build at every we climb higher...the journey become more challenging...and at onepoint..we had to climb at about 80 degrees up...can u imagine how steep it is..the climb at the second half of the journey is reallyhard(maybe because I din train much)..sumtimes we had to stop only after a few steps of that point..I was thinking...why i had to torture myself..but I had to continue climbing no matter what...thats what I tell myself..we can feel the thin cool air as we climb higher and higher..the typesof plants also changed...along the way..we met up many other foreign tourist who went up climbingKinabalu..and they are really friendly...we just exchanging "hie" and "bye" as we pass by each other...besides..we also saw something really amazzing..its the local people there...can u imagine they just carry from 30-50 kg burden on their back..and they just climb up the hill like they had nothing on..and even their speed of climbing is even faster than really salute them..its really amazing..the final km before reaching the rest house was a torturing that point..we r really losing energy..and we kept askingeach other when to reach it..its a really frustating feeling..finally we reach a Laban Rata..the only restaurant..aftera tiring climb..we finally reach laban Rata..a stoppoint..before continue climbing up to the peak..we had pur luunch and dinner there..a plate of fried rice that cost RM11..really expensive..even thanany well known hotel fried choice..still have to eat.we reach Laban Rata at about 5pm++..after a really tiring climb..after our meal...we continue to the resthouse...and WTF...why the resthouse is still so far away..we just keep cursing..for another short climb..actually its just roughly about 500m..but when ur legs are really tiring and feel heavy even to move a step,u will feel that 500m climb like a 500km walk..hahahaha...once we reach the no time ..we laid at our bed....zzzzz time....

5-6 July....THE COLD SHAKING NITE....(not be able to finish typing....will bring the more exciting part soon)

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