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My piece of dream

My piece of dream

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A day trip to Tenom!!

At 10 AUGUST 2007, I had added another milsestone in Sabah. This time, the destination would be Tenom. A brief intro of Tenom, Tenom is a small town in Sabah well known for its coffee and of course here, there was lots of coffee plantations(but we did not managed to visit one). If Ipoh was famous for its Old Town's coffee, Sabah of course was well know for its Tenom Coffee. As I would say, I think i will prefer the aroma and taste of Tenom Coffee, but not much people in Peninsular would know Tenom coffee due to its lack of commercial publisity.
So, with 2 rented 880 Kancil, we rammed to Tenom, which is around 3++ hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.
I would consider these trip as the beginning of my photography trips, since this was considered the first time I tested out my camera since I received it.
So the first stop before reaching Tenom was Gunung Emas. Well, there was no Emas here, just the cold and fresh air breeze. The special things here, would be the tree top cabin, where you can book and stay on tree, if you don't mind the old look of the cabin.
One of the bugs sighted on a tree at Gunung Emas.

Manage to see the spider and the spider web??This picture to test the capability of my camera.

Using macro mode to capture the moss that grows on a tree

The speciality of Gunung Emas. The rooftop cabin

So after a short stop at Gunung Emas, we continued our journey to Tenom, and finally we reach Tenom town center. The first would be this Tenom Railway Station. The only Railway service found in Sabah.

The locomotive head. You will never see this is Peninsular anymore. But still in Tenom and some remote part of Sabah, this train is still an important mode of transport.

The Tenom railway station

Locomotive head on the move

After some brief stop at Tenom, we proceed on to the main destination of Tenom, Tenom Agricultural Park. The attraction here, you can found various species of plants, ranging from fruit plants to flower plants, and of course, some animals.

We had around 3++ hours walk unde the scorching hot sun and wheather. The park is quite big, but of course, you would expect all flora only. This might be my interest, but might not be someone else interest, plus walking under the real hot Mr Sun, some would not so prefer it. Some would say, what the hell we come all along to Tenom just to see plants of flowers?Haha...To me nevermind!Plants is another kind of living things, and they deserve to get attentions too!! And of course, some of the plants here you would not find them in other place.

I think is "he hua". Of all the pictures, I think this one the best pic I captured.
Another kind of rare orchid?It just looks like something, some animal that open the mouth wide open with its toungue?

Another rare orchid

The cactuses jungle

A group of geese

One of the lake found in the park.

Deers on the run.

The black lady

The carnivore plant, periuk kera!!

And I think I captured this picture nice too. This is buah tarap, and can only be found in Sabah only.I had only ate this fruits, but never see the plant before.

Actually for me, the main objective I came to Tenom is to find a fruit called Magic Fruit or Miracle Fruit. This fruit is special. Accordingly, if you eat this fruit before hand, than any other sour or bitter fruit or foods that followed on subsequently will become sweet. Its really magic. I had heard this story before hand, thats what make me wanna search for these fruits.

The sign indicating the Magic Fruit.

The leaves of Magic Fruit.

But somehow, I left the park a disappointed man as this fruit is really magic. There is no specific time for the plant to bear the magic fruit, thus I am unlucky. I din manage to taste the fruit, and my mission to Tenom, failed. Anyhow, I consider the trip is somehow still worthful, amid walking under the red hot sun.
After leaving the park, we proceed on to the Tenom market, just to bring back some souvenirs, of course the Tenom Coffee. After some short shopping, we travel back to KK, along the adventurous,dark, winding, uphill and downhill road without all the lamp post and finally we reach KK safely!!

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